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1How does subscription work?
Subscription with Why Not Email? costs $15 and is a recurring monthly plan. This grants you access to our web app which enables you to send out emails for as low as $0.0001/email.
2How long is my subscription valid?
Your subscription is valid as long you don’t cancel it. It will only get interrupted in case your payment is disrupted due to credit card expiry or if you chose to cancel your subscription.
3What’s the sending rate limit?
To start off, Amazon SES enables a sending rate limit of 15K emails per day. However, this can be gradually increased to 100K emails per day.
4Is my subscriber list safe with you?
Absolutely. All your data including your subscriber list and campaign statistics are safe with us. We will never share your personal data with anyone.
5Can I use multiple brands with a single subscription?
Of course. With a single subscription account, you can run multiple products and services.

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