Anti-Spam Policy

Spammers, please look elsewhere!

We really shouldn’t have to say this because it’s a bit of a no-brainer: Why Not Email? follows a zero tolerance spam policy and prohibits customers from sending unsolicited commercial emails in any form while using the service. Why Not Email? was designed to give legitimate marketers an alternative to sending unsolicited emails.

If you use our service to spam, we will terminate your Why Not Email? account IMMEDIATELY.

What’s more, we won’t refund any monies you may have paid.

What Is Spam?
This question can generate any number of definitions depending on who you ask, but in general terms spam is any email which has been sent to someone without his or her permission. You need to have his or her permission to send out email. Here at Why Not Email?, we generally refer clients asking for a technical definition of spam to Spamhaus: An electronic message is “spam” if (A) the recipient’s personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients; AND (B) the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission for it to be sent.

E-mail senders like Why Not Email? prefer to use the textbook definition. Because our business depends on the ability to secure white-listed status with internet service providers, we take the issue of spam very seriously indeed.

These things are a definite NO with Why Not Email?
• Unsolicited e-mailing to recipients who have not given you permission to email, or specifically requested that information from you.
• Using e-mail lists purchased, rented, leased, or in any way obtained from a third party.
• Using harvested email lists from publicly available online data.
• The sending of unwanted email through a third party with a plan to getting people to sign up to your Why Not Email?-managed email list.
• This extends to trying to get people to sign up on a Why Not Email? web form that you have placed on your website.
• Individual campaign bounce rates of higher than 5%.
• Utilizing a list older than 6 months without reconfirming the recipients’ subscriptions
• Deceptive subject lines – The subject line can not contain false or misleading information. It must describe the content you are sending.

If you Spam, what happens?
If we find out that you’re spamming using your Why Not Email? account then you can expect all or some of the following to occur.

Without doubt:
• We will shut down your account immediately.
• We will not refund your account.

Things that might happen:
• We might ask you to compensate us if your spamming activity causes any interruptions in our ability to service our other customers.
• We may take legal action against you!

Please be advised, we don’t automatically presume culpability. We take it upon ourselves to investigate all instances of potential spam before coming to a decision.

Why Not Email? is intended for businesses and organizations who have an established list of permission-based opt-in email addresses. We provide our product only to those who follow our no tolerance, anti-spam policy.